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Bhava Catalog

Bhava Catalog

Interested in the analysis of individual houses of your Janam Patri / Birth Chart, we have just the right package for you. 

We can analyze each and every house of your Janam Patri in exhaustive details you may have deep concerns about. 

Check out the following “The 12 House Series @” catalog:

The 12 Houses Series @

No.HousesBrief MeaningLink Opens In New Page
01The 1st HouseThe Self, Personality, General Welfareclick for more info
02The 2nd HouseFace, Speech, Income, Wealthclick for more info
03The 3rd HouseIntelligence, Neighbors, Relativesclick for more info
04The 4th HouseHome Life, Mother, Educationclick for more info
05The 5th HouseProgeny, Past Life, Devotionclick for more info
06The 6th HouseDebt, Disease, Struggle for Existenceclick for more info
07The 7th HouseMatrimony, Spouse, Partnershipsclick for more info
08The 8th HouseLongevity, Inheritance, Deathclick for more info
09The 9th HouseFather, Foreign Travels, Meditationclick for more info
10The 10th HouseOccupation, Honors, Promotionclick for more info
11The 11th HouseAssets, Gains, Elder Siblingsclick for more info
12The 12th HouseLosses, Life Hereafter, Mokshaclick for more info

FAQ’s on the 12 Houses Series:

Question #:  I know my date and city of birth; but not the time of birth can I avail this package?

Our Response:  Yes, we can analyze the relevant house in the Chandra Lagna or from the Moon and complete your order accordingly. Chandra Lagna analysis is the 2nd choice of analysis in Jyotish – Vedic Astrology modus operandi in analyzing the birth chart.

If you have any question on “The 12 Houses Series @” please send us an email from this link with your personal info eg:  Full name, date, time and city of birth, we will respond to your query within 2 to 3 working days (Monday – Friday, except holidays).

Its always a good idea to ask questions, ask many questions, than feel left out in life. Answers are waiting for you but first you must ask. You will be surprised how simple life can be. Try it. It’s so easy! 

Please do not send any other question(s) in this email. Thank you for your kind understanding.

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