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Corporate / Company Chart Analysis

Corporate / Company Chart Analysis

This is the most exclusive and exhaustive Business Astrology report you can get. 

Weather you are starting a new business or having an existing one, this report will give you complete analysis of every aspect of your business based on Jyotish – Vedic astrology.

If you are about to start a new business then astrology can help you by providing the best day and time to do so and numerology can help optimizing the name of your company. It dose not matter if you have small home based business or an industry, astrology can help in every business.

This report will analyze the horoscopes of the owner, chairperson, or directors of the business for career, professional and wealth potential.

We will also be providing the best possible periods for business and guidelines for the next two / years.

Plus, there is no limit to the amount of questions you can ask during your “Six months of free customer service / support”.

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Contents of this Report

  • Horoscopes and planetary positions of owner, chairperson, or directors. 
  • Presence of various wealth related Yogas or combinations in each of the horoscopes.
  • Best time periods for incorporation or starting the company (in case of new company).
  • Most favorable colors and shapes for company’s logo and interiors for office.
  • Info required: Name, date, time and city of birth for all Directors or Sole Proprietor. Approximate time for incorporation (in case of new business) and city. 
  • Answers to your questions. There’s no upper limit to ask within your six months of customer support, absolutely free of charge. You can avail this support via phone, text or WhatsApp.
  • Six months of customer support towards any further questions you may have, absolutely free of charge. 
  • FREE Telephone Support! If you live in one of these countries, click here for more details, you get this amount of minutes phone call support for six months (six months starts from day we send you an email completing your order). You just have to ask us to call you on an appointed time and landline phone number.

Please note: This is not a computer generated report, our experienced Vedic Astrologers prepares it manually in MP3 audio and PDF format for easy download. Please allow us 5 to 7 working days to complete your order. 

Approx. 75 to 100 plus pages, variable per business.

Click Here To View Samples Of The Book You Get

This is a sample of the Birth Chart / Janam Patri Book you get in PDF – this file is 2+ MBs in size (actual may be larger in size), please have patience downloading. This “report” is subject to change.

PriceUS$ 250.00 – per person. Download links to files in MP3 and PDF format sent via email.

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