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Example Questions To Ask An Astrologer

Example Questions To Ask An Astrologer

Either during an astrology consultation or via Ask A Question  – FREE! Offer

Are you confused how to phrase your question? Do you want help to phrase your question? If  your response is “Yes!” then read on. Remember, you do not have to be shy to ask that question. Asking will always elevate you, so be straight forward and do the honors.

Here are some samples to help you… 

The sample questions below were asked over the years in our previous offer “Ask A Question – FREE!Please Note: We reserve the right to edit / modify your submission / question as per our T&C : analysis, interpretation is limited to your current birth year or one calendar year, whichever one is less.”

We answered:

  • 312 questions in year 2014;
  • 952 questions in 2015;
  • 3,859 questions in 2016;
  • 3,781 questions in 2017;
  • 3,277 questions in 2018;
  • 3,409 questions by Vivek E. Paras on Quora (2016-2018)
  • 4,398 questions  in 2019;
  • 5,951 questions in 2020;
  • 7,645 questions in 2021;
  • 7,712 questions in 2022;
  • counting in 2023.

In our “Ask A Question – FREE!” offer. That’s 25,939+ questions in seven years – especially for you – the truth seeker!


  1. Life feels shitty lately, things were great a year ago, what happened to me?
  2. Why am I not having fun in my life? I am not depressed.
  3. Will adventures invigorate and inspire me?
  4. Will I be more productive in my professional life?
  5. I can’t even get to my job on time, I got warned, will I improve?
  6. I feel compelled to drink (do drugs, or have depressed sex life, I stay up till dawn watching movies, etc.) will I get over this soon?
  7. Will I overcome the fear of losing loved ones (a job or loss in a business startup)?
  8. Lately, I have a block, a creativity block, will I come out of this block soon?
  9. I was established in regular exercise regime, lately I am lazy, will I come out?
  10. Can I request the Surya Gochara / Sun Transit reading for the next month?

Relationships and sex

  1. Will my relationship with my friend / spouse / boss improve?
  2. Lately, my sex life with my lover, spouse, male 2 male, male to female, female to female etc. is very bad, will it improve?
  3. What should I be looking for per my birth chart for my sex life?
  4. Will I find a relationship in which I will actually be happy?
  5. What improvements can I do I have to offer myself to my lover that I am blind to? I am confused.
  6. What should I avoid in sex life per my planets?
  7. I’m thinking of divorcing my partner, spouse, husband, wife, lover etc, Is that good for me?
  8. I keep thinking of my childhood friend. Is that a good idea?
  9. Can I recover from this breakup/divorce?
  10. Why do I cheat on all my partners, can I change that? Do I really need to change that?
  11. I have a fear of intimacy, will I overcome this?
  12. I don’t really care about romantic relationships, can I do better?
  13. Can I stop being distracted by sex and focus on doing other stuff which is equally important?
  14. Can I have a fulfilling sex life? What’s the magical chemistry say about it in my birth chart?

Money, Work, Power

  1. I want to famous? How will handle it if if it happens?
  2. What can I do to empower myself?
  3. I lost my job lately; what can I do to recover my losses and start with renewed energy?
  4. I am in a stuck-in-a-suck-job situation, ever since I remember! What is my work potential? What am I good at?
  5. I cannot seem to hold money, the way others I know do, can I do something about it?
  6. I am thinking of changing jobs, is it a good idea?
  7. I have issues with authority figures, whether its mine or other’s, is there a way or light at the end of the tunnel that it will be over and enjoy a calm ride?
  8. I am a nervous type, afraid to assert myself; will this trait remain with me or reduce in time?
  9. Is there potential in me, that I can make myself happy, and make me lots of money?
  10. Business negotiations keep falling apart, do I have that power to bridge it?
  11. I have a dream to own a successful business, what’s in store for me?
  12. I know I am aggressive; can I do any better or understand and manage it?
  13. I have a liking for acting, do I have a career in the film industry?
  14. I am an chef, doctor/engineer/chemist etc. Will I be able to establish my own restaurant, clinic, consultancy firm, practice?

Transitions, trauma

  1. Can I recover from rape in early life or any other traumatic event of life?I have anxiety, I want to go back to college, can I make it?
  2. Lately, I have a lot of anxiety about lots of things, will I over come them?
  3. Lately, I lost a lot of loved ones, some seems to be on the way out. Can I find healing and meaning in life?
  4. Lately, people I know are leaving this earthly domain, how can I manage this gracefully and know better that death is not the end of life, this sounds philosophical?
  5. I am the only child of my parents, who died in early age for me, now I am going to have my first child, but I am freaking out can you help me?


  1. How can I be a supportive parent?
  2. What traits of my family (say parents, grand parents etc) am I carrying forward into my life?
  3. How can heal and transform my relationship with my family?

Friends, community, world

  1. I want to be like being at home with my people, can I create that feeling?
  2. I am disappointed on my expectations from family and friends, will I get over this and smooth sail again?
  3. I want to improve my communication skills with the people I care about, any suggestions?
  4. Is there a possibility of I to improve my communication skills with the public at large?
  5. Empathy, how can I develop it be my planetary potential?
  6. Do you see a way out for me on how can I serve the cause or ideal for which I’m an activist?

Trust this helps!

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