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FREE Telephone Support

FREE Telephone Support 

On the following Vedic Astrological Profiles packages we give you unlimited FREE Telephone Call Support towards any questions you may have within the six months of customer care period. 

You can talk with  your chosen astrologer at the time convenient to you and as per your time zone.

Please text (on WhatsApp / Telegram) your questions in advance to save time in preparing the response. 

Unlimited Phone Minutes apply to the following Jyotish packages only: 

      1. Personal Vedic Astrological Profile click for more info
      2. Vedic Astrological Birth Horoscope click for more info
      3. Vedic Astrological Reading Special click for more info
      4. Vedic Marriage Compatibility Report click for more info
      5. Varshaphal – Vedic Annual Solar Return click for more info
      6. Corporate / Company Chart Analysis click for more info

Phone calls are limited to 15-20 minutes per session; calls not available at all times.

Due to time zone difference please book your session in advance, we will text you in advance to remind you of your appointment. We will call twice, if we receive no response, the appointment will be cancelled.

In this offer, the following conditions apply:

      • We will call on either WhatsApp or Telegram app only, your choice.
      • Cancellation Policy:  Either party can cancel the appointed time slot by a day or two advance notice.

Please note: We do not record our phone conversation. If you wish to record the conversation please organize accordingly.