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Muhurtha / Election Vedic Astrology


‘Muhurtha’ means a moment. We live our lives moment by the moment. When we receive good planetary energies, that moment is called ‘auspicious moment’ and if the planets deliver bad energies, then it is called ‘bad moment’. In Jyotish, we prepare the birth chart of an individual based on the moment of his/her birth. muhurta or electional astrology.

This birth chart indicates whether the individual becomes successful or not in his life depending upon the type of planetary energies at that moment. In the same way, when we start a new venture or business, we can construct a chart for that moment. This chart represents whether that new venture or business will be successful or not. This chart which is prepared to know the outcome of a venture or event is called ‘Muhurtha chart’.

Importance of Muhurtha

If the Muhurtha chart shows good planetary energies, then that venture becomes a successful one. So it is better to select an auspicious moment (good Muhurtha) for starting any venture so that the chances of success will increase. This applies to all important events in life. For example, if a person gets married in a good Muhurtha, then his married life will be good.

Some Astrologers are of the opinion that a beggar can become a king by starting his works in good Muhurtha. This is wrong. It happens only if the beggar has the planetary position to become a king in his birth chart. By following good Muhurtha, the beggar can become a king in less time and with less effort. This is how Muhurtha helps. Let us take another example. In a native’s birth chart, there is an indication that he will not get children. But if a good Muhurtha is set for his marriage and nuptials, then the chances of getting children will increase and he may be blessed with children. Setting good Muhurthas for all important events of life in such a way that the person will become highly successful in all areas is called ‘Election Astrology’.


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Return To Jyotish Catalogclick for more info A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire, provide Muhurtha / Election Jyotish interpretation on the following issues. Though this list is not comprehensive, if you have specific questions, please let us know, we shall do our level best to respond accordingly.

We study individual’s horoscope and then on its basis find out most auspicious time for activity concerned. It can includes numerous activities but most important are marriage, starting a new business, opening of shop, launching a website, construction and entering a new home, commencing a journey, admitting to hospital, going for operation or surgery, buying a new car, giving or taking loan, giving advertisement for various purpose like business promotion, buying or selling car, home etc.

You have to provide us with range of dates and preferred time band for day from which will find out the few most auspicious Muhurthas of 48 minutes. Please note that the chances of obtaining best Muhurtha increases if your date range is bigger. 

You can ask two free questions of your choice pertaining to the Muhurtha with your order.

This report is not computer generated, our experienced Vedic Astrologers prepares it manually in PDF format for easy download. Please allow us 5 to 7 working days to complete your order. 

Here are some examples on which you can seek help from Muhurtha: 

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MU18Love and Romance: When?
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MU20Pilgrimage - In search of the miraculous
MU21Medical Astrology - when to take treatment / surgery?

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Price: US$ 51.00 per person / Muhurtha. File in PDF format sent via email.

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