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Saturn’s Transit and Sade Sati Report

Saturn’s Transit and Sade Sati Report

Regarding Saturn, his transit in the 12th, the 1st and the 2nd house from the radical Moon (at birth) has a special significance, as it goes under the technical name of “Sade Sati” (7 ½ years’ Saturn) as, to pass through the signs, in his usual course it takes 7 ½ years. Saturn stays 2 ½ years on an average in a sign.

So, in three signs combined, Saturn stays for 7 ½ and hence it is called Sade-Sati

Saturn, the most feared, malefic and undoubtedly the most misunderstood planet’s of all.

Most of these statements are misleading and are the creation of narrow minded astrologers who’s business is to create fear and panic among common people for their own personal gains.

This particular period is dreaded by many as highly malefic; unless the ruling period ie. the Dasha under the Vimshottari Dasha system of prediction, is powerful, the subject of the horoscope is bound to suffer unexpected miseries. 

Saturn is exalted (powerful) in Libra at 20th degree on the other end it’s debilitated (weak) in Aries at the 20th degree. 

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One having good longevity can come under the sway of “7 ½ years’ Saturn” thrice in his lifetime. During the first time, most of the above results will manifest; the second time, not some evil results will occur while during the third time the death of the native is invariably caused, unless the ruling Dasha (under the Vimshottari Dasha system of prediction) does not warrant the inevitable.

Libra is the sign of balance and justice,  is the exaltation sign of Saturn because this planet restores and maintains balance in our lives by doing justice. If you are leading a balanced lifestyle physically, morally and socially then rewards will be greater than you can imagine during Saturn’s period, transit or Sade Sati.

However if our lifestyles are not balanced Saturn will give us plenty of signals before it do final justice, but most of the time we fail to notice these signals and continue to lead our lives in an unhealthy and unbalanced way. 

For anyone in Sade Sati, annual visits to a Vedic Astrologer are a good idea, since it will bring clarity to what are often complex life choices that arise during prolonged and often challenging transits (7.5 years). You know the saying: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!” Finding good counsel during this time is a wise decision.

This report will let you know what and when to expect from Saturn in your horoscope, its periods and during its major transits including Sade Sati. You can also ask FIVE questions on the topic. 

In this package, we will analyze your most nearest or coming up Sade Sati and it’s impact on various areas of your life. 

Contents of this Report

  • Your Birth Chart and Planetary Positions. 
  • Graphical Chart showing the most recent and the beginning, middle and end of Sade Sati. 
  • Explanation of the impact of Sade Sati in various aspect of your life. List of
  • Yogas found in your birth chart Operating Major dasha and Antar dashas (Planetary Sub periods). 
  • Dasha wise predictions 
  • Answers to your FIVE questions limited to the duration of Saturn Transit and Sade Sati only.
  • Please do not ask questions about any other person than for whom this report is for eg. you.
  • Prediction is limited to ONE birth year only. 
  • We reserve the right to edit your questions.

Please note: This is not a computer generated report, our experienced Vedic Astrologers prepares it manually in MP3 audio and PDF format for easy download. Please allow us 5 to 7 working days to complete your order. 

Approx. 50 to 100 plus pages, variable per person.

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