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Varga Catalog

Varga Catalog

In JyotishVedic Astrology, there is a term called Varga or Division, hence the name “Divisional Charts”, here are 15 Vargas / D-Charts, summarized as under, though there are many more Vargas / D-Charts (at present we will deal with the following ones): 

  1. Rasi or D-1 represents: the body and all general matters of the native. This covers the 12 houses in the birth chart.
  2. Hora or D-2 represents: Relates to the balance of Male / Female, Active / Passive, Individual / Social, Mental / Emotional balances.
  3. Drekana or D-3 represents: Brothers, sisters, friends and alliances, like the 3rd house in the Rasi chart. Also our capacity to work hard, or in a group, to achieve some goal. Energy, curiosity, courage, prowess.
  4. Chaturthamsa or D-4 represents: General well being, emotions, home and happiness, emotional contentment, psychological happiness.
  5. Saptamsa or D-7 represents: Children and grandchildren, or the creative projections, creative capacity, and to what degree that shall endure or remain or be realized.
  6. Navamsa or D-9 represents: Partnerships, the Spouses, and general fine tunings of the Rashi Chart. This is the most used, most important of the Varga Charts.
  7. Dasamsa or D-10 represents: status, skill, vocation and career. The 10th lord should be strong here for good impact in life in terms of career.
  8. Dvadasamsa or D-12 represents: Fate, destiny, past karma, parents, hereditary traits, past life influences. Used to judge last life, our underlying conditioning brought forward to this life.
  9. Shodasamsa or D-16 represents: Shows a deeper level than the 4-Chaturtamsa in terms of the inner heart & psychology of the person.
  10. Vimsamsa or D-20 represents: The religions of our past, the deities we are inclined to worship.
  11. Chaturvimsamsa or D-24 represents: Spiritual capabilities or readiness, education, ability to meditate on higher things. Used for judging spiritual attainment capacity.
  12. Saptavimsamsa or D-27 represents: A finer, deeper level of general judgement since these division are 3rds of Navamsas, or 12ths of Nakshatras. Used for fine tuning of general judgement.
  13. Trimsamsa or D-30 represents: This chart deals with misfortunes, injuries, enmity, diseases. For discovering the hidden dangers in life. Lords of, and planets in bad houses should be judged herein to understand how they may do their work in life.
  14. Khavedamsa or D-40 represents: Fine tuning of special auspicious and inauspicious effects, good and bad habits, particulars of the emotional and psychological natures, relates to the 4th house also.
  15. Akshavedamsa or D-45 represents: Morals and ethics, and fine tuning general inidications. Also relates to 9th and 5th houses. Indicates which of the 3 main deities one will most reflect.
  16. Shastamsa or D-60 represents: Used in very fine tuning of predictions and judgement, it’s subtle impact is felt in the cases of twins born just minutes apart. The special deities ruling these divisions have important sway on the individual. 

The following four “Vargas” or Divisional Charts originates from “Jaimini” Shastra:

  1. Panchamsa or D-5 represents: Fame
  2. Shasthamsa or D-6 represents: Health
  3. Ashtamsa or D-8 represents: Unexpected or unforeseeable dangers.
  4. EkaDasamsa/Rudramsa or D-11 represents: Death
    This report will not be covered for the above FOUR vargas.

From all the above list, the following Vargas / Divisional charts are commonly used (daily usage) in Jyotish analysis:

Rasi (D-1)
Navamsa (D-9)
Drekana (D-3)
Dasamsa (D-10) and
Trimsamsa (D-30)

In this offer / package, we will analyze “ONE” Varga or D-Chart as per your order and what it means in the area that Varga / D-Chart governs or represent. 

From this report, you may learn minute or huge details which may be impacting your personal, finance, business, relationship, health, spirituality and Moksha and much more issues.

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Contents of this Report

  • Your Horoscope and Planetary Positions. 
  • Learn what  ‘Houses’ & ‘Signs’ of your Horoscope and the planets placed therein.
  • Analysis of each and every house of your choice of Varga / D-Chart (Please choose from the above list of 15 Vargas (at present we are NOT accepting orders for D-5 and D-11 Vargas / D-Charts from the Gemini Shastra)
  • Analysis / interpretation of the Planets in various houses and zodiac signs of the chosen Varga / D-Chart.
  • Yogas formed in your Varga / D-Chart (microcosm of the Yogas formed in the Rasi – we will not analyze the Rasi or it’s Yogas. If you want this type of report, please view our Yoga / Planetary Combination Report.
  • Transit Reading (Gochara) for one year.
  • Answer to your THREE question pertaining to the chosen one Varga / D-Chart only. We reserve the right to edit your questions.
  • Prediction is limited to ONE birth year. 

Please note: This is NOT a computer generated report, our experienced Vedic Astrologers prepares it manually in MP3 audio and PDF format for easy download. Please allow us 5 to 7 working days to complete your order. 

Approx. 25 to 75 plus pages, variable per person.

Click Here To View Samples Of The Book You Get

This is a sample of the Birth Chart / Janam Patri Book you get in PDF – this file is 2+ MBs in size (actual may be larger in size), please have patience downloading. This “report” is subject to change.

PriceUS$ 101.00 – per person. File in PDF format sent via email.

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