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Whatever Is Happening Has Already Happened

Whatever Is Happening Has Already Happened

Osho on Astrology
Whatever Is Happening Has Already Happened
From ‘Hidden Mysteries’, Ch 5, Part 5 of 6.

“The deepest realization of astrology is that your past must be unlocked,” states Osho. 

There is reference to one event in Mahavira’s life, over which there has been much dispute. Because of this dispute, a group of his disciples broke away from him, in his very presence. Because of this dispute, five hundred of Mahavira’s munis created a separate order.

Mahavira used to say that whatever is happening has in some sense already happened: if you are walking, then in a sense you have already arrived at the destination; if you are growing old, then in a sense you have already grown old. Mahavira used to say that whatever is happening, whatever is in process, has already occurred.

One senior disciple of Mahavira lived far away from him during the monsoon. He was sick, so he asked a junior disciple who was present to spread out a mat for him. The junior disciple began to spread out the mat. He had just unfolded the twisted, rolled-up mat a little when the senior disciple remembered Mahavira’s saying. He said, “Stop! Mahavira says that what is happening has already happened.” The mat was in the process of being rolled out but it was not yet opened. It had suddenly occurred to him that Mahavira had said a very wrong thing. The mat was half-opened, but in what sense was it already opened?

He left the mat there. After the monsoon he went to Mahavira and said, “You are mistaken when you say that what is happening has already happened, because right now the mat is lying half-opened. It was being opened, but it has not been opened. So, I have come to prove that your saying is wrong.”

Mahavira told him that he had not understood the saying. This disciple must have had a very childish mind; otherwise he would not have come with such talk. Mahavira said, “You have stopped the process. It was happening but you interrupted it. The mat which you prevented from unfolding was already actualizing itself in the very unfolding process. It had, in fact, already been actualized. You only saw the mat in the process of unfolding, but one more process was going on, and that is what has already happened. So, for how long will your mat remain folded? It is becoming opened, and will open. You go back.”

When the disciple returned he saw that a man had opened the mat and was lying on it, resting. This man had upset everything; he had destroyed the whole thesis of the disciple!

When Mahavira used to say that whatever is happening has already happened, he was saying that whatever is happening is the present, whatever may be is the future. The bud which is coming into blossom somewhere has already blossomed, so it will blossom, it will become a flower. Right now the bud is in the process of flowering, right now it is only a bud. But if it is in the process of flowering, then it will flower. Its having flowered has also in a sense already occurred somewhere.

Now we should look at this from another angle. It will be a little difficult. We always look from the viewpoint of the past. The bud is blossoming, but our thinking is generally past-oriented – bound to the past. We say that the bud is blossoming, that it is becoming a flower, that the bud will become a flower. But the reverse may be the case. For instance, if I push you from behind, I am making you go forward. But it may also be that someone is pulling you from ahead. The motion can be in both directions. I am pushing you from behind and you are going ahead. It may be that someone pulls you from ahead, but that no one is pushing you from behind. In this case too you will go ahead.

Astrology recognizes the incompleteness of the view that the past gives the impetus and that the future happens as a result. If one views a phenomenon in its totality, one sees that the past is providing the impetus, but also that the future is exercising a pull, an attraction. The bud becoming a flower is not all that is happening. The flower is calling out to the bud to become a flower; it is exercising a pull. The past is behind; the future is ahead. Now, in the present moment, there is a bud. The entire past is pushing the bud to become a flower and the entire future is calling on the bud to become a flower.

Under pressure from both directions, past and future, the bud will become a flower. If there were no future, then the past by itself would not be able to create the flower, because the future must provide space for the bud to become a flower. In the future a place, a space, is necessary. If the future provides a place, only then will the bud be able to flower. If there were no future, then no matter how much the past tried, no matter how much it pushed you, it would be in vain. No matter how much I push you from behind, if there is a wall in front I cannot make you go ahead. Space is needed to go ahead. If I push you and the space ahead accepts you with the invitation, “Come! be my guest,” then only can my pushing be significant. For my pushing, a space in the future is needed. The past does the work; the future gives space.

It is the view of astrology that looking from the standpoint of the past alone is insufficient and only partially scientific.

The future is calling all the time, drawing us all the time. We do not know, we are not aware. This is the weakness of our eyes, this is our short-sightedness – we cannot see very far. About tomorrow nothing is revealed to us.

If you look at Krishnamurti’s kundali some time, you will be surprised. If Annie Besant or Leadbeater had cared to look at Krishnamurti’s birth chart then they would have seen that to work with Krishnamurti was wrong because his birth chart clearly shows that to whichever organization Krishnamurti belongs, he will be its destroyer. It shows that whichever organization he belongs to, he will bring about its disintegration; whichever organization he joins, it will die. But Annie Besant was not ready to accept this. No one could think such a thing – but this is the way it happened.

The Theosophical movement tried to groom Krishnamurti as its leader. Theosophy made such an effort on Krishnamurti’s behalf that the movement died forever. Annie Besant created a big organization called the Star of the East, just for Krishnamurti. Then one day, after having inspired the organization, Krishnamurti separated himself from it. Annie Besant had surrendered her entire life in order to put the organization on its feet, and destroyed herself over it. But for this Krishnamurti cannot be blamed. The star under whose influence he was born clearly announced that he would be a destructive and disruptive force within any organization.

The future is not utterly uncertain. Our knowledge is uncertain; our ignorance is weighty. Nothing of the future seems to be revealed to us. We are blind; nothing at all of the future is revealed to us. Because nothing seems to be revealed to us, we say it is uncertain. But something of the future is revealed to us – and astrology is not merely the study of what the stars and planets say or of calculating their significance. This is only one dimension of astrology.

Then there are other dimensions of knowing the future too. People have lines on the palms of their hands, people have lines on their foreheads, people have lines on the soles of their feet – but this too is superficial.

In the human body there are hidden chakras. Every chakra has its own unique sensation. Every chakra vibrates in its own unique fashion, at its own frequency, all the time. There are ways to check what these are. Human beings have concealed within them the mental impressions or seeds of the past.

Ron Hubbard has brought a new word, a new science, to the West. For the East it is ancient. The name of this science is time track. Hubbard thinks that in whatever form a man has lived – whether as man or beast, whether as plant or stone… in whatever form he has lived throughout his infinite span of lives, this entire stream of memories is still contained within him. This stream can be exposed, and a man can even be made to re-experience those memories.

In all of Hubbard’s research, this is the most valuable discovery. About time track Hubbard has said that within man there are engrams. On the one hand, we possess a memory by which we recall what happened yesterday and what happened the day before. This is our “working” memory, this is our everyday memory. Just as every shopkeeper or office worker keeps a daily register, this is our working memory. It becomes useless every day. In fact, it does not exist – it is not at all permanent. This is the working memory through which we do our work every day, and then every day we throw it out.

But even deeper than this is a memory which is not merely for getting the work done – which is our life, which sums up our entire experience, the accumulated essence of our experience throughout countless lives on the path. This, Hubbard has called engram – it has become ingrained within us. It lies in its entirety, locked deep within, just as if a tape is kept locked in your pocket. It can be opened, and when it is opened, it becomes what Mahavira used to call race memory. Hubbard calls it time track – it makes it possible for you to go back in time. When it is opened the experience is not that you are remembering; it is not as though you are remembering, you relive the experience. Now it is unlocked.

When the time track is unlocked, you do not feel “I am remembering” – no. You relive it. Try to understand. If your time track is unlocked, it will not be difficult. In fact, without it astrology is incomplete. The deepest realization of astrology is that your past must be unlocked – because if you become aware of your entire past, then you will be aware of your entire future, because your future will emerge out of your past.

Without knowing your past you cannot know your future, because your future will be the child of your past, your future will be born out of your past. So first it is necessary that your entire memory track be exposed to view. If your memory track is unlocked – and for this there are techniques and methods – then if you think that you will remember how you were a six-year-old child and your father slapped you, you are incorrect. You will not remember how you were when you were six years old, you will relive it.

You will relive the event. Also, at the time you are reliving it, if I ask, “What is your name?” you will reply “Junior,” not “William Smith Junior.” A six-year-old child will be replying. You will be reliving the event at this time; you will not be remembering. William Smith Junior is not remembering when he was six years old, no, William Smith Junior has become six years old. Now he will answer “Junior”; whatever reply he gives will be the reply of a six-year-old child.

If you are brought back to a past life and you remember that you were a lion, then if you are allowed to remain at this point you will begin to roar just like a lion. You will not speak like a man. It is possible you will even attack someone with your fingers and nails. If you remember that you were a stone and someone asks you a question then you will remain completely silent. You will not be able to speak; you will remain like a stone.

Hubbard has helped thousands of people. For instance, a man who cannot speak – Hubbard would say that this man has been blocked by some childhood memory and cannot go ahead. Then he would take him back along his time track and break open his engram of the time when he was six years old, or the point at which his growth became blocked and he could not proceed. As he returns to this point, the influence of this childhood memory will disperse. Then this man will come back to again being thirty years old. The twenty-four years’ difference will be put aside. The surprising thing is that thousands of medicines might not help the man to speak, but by going back along the time track and then returning, he becomes able to.

Many illnesses come to you only because of this time track. Many illnesses fit into this category – for instance, hay fever or asthma. For the patient who suffers from hay fever, there exists a fixed date: every year at the same date, at the same time, his hay fever returns. So, there can be no remedy for hay fever. Why? – because hay fever is not actually a bodily illness, it is a time track illness. Somewhere a memory has been fixed, somewhere a memory has been blocked.

For instance, a man may remember the twelfth of a month during the rainy season. When the twelfth comes, when the rainy season comes, the man is getting ready; he is already afraid of what will happen. You will be surprised that the hay fever which will now attack him is just something he is reliving – it is not real hay fever at all. He is only reliving what occurred on the twelfth, the previous year. If you give him any treatment now, you will only be putting him in trouble. Treatment is of no use because he is not the same man who existed a year ago and who at that time could have been treated. You are unnecessarily throwing away medicine – because it is going into the man who exists now, not into the man who was sick a year ago. There is no connection between the two, no relationship. Every medicine will fail, every medicine will only increase his hay fever, so he will say that nothing is happening. He is again getting ready to repeat what happened the previous year.

Seventy percent of our illnesses have happened through the time track – they have been caught and grasped so tightly that again and again we relive them.

Osho, Hidden Mysteries, Ch 6 (excerpt)