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How to win a boon from Shiva?

How to win a boon from Shiva?

By Swami Veet Chintan
Founder of and
The Institute of Vedic Astrology of Trinidad and Tobago,
Friend, humble servant and Vedic Astrologer.

Truth (Satyam) is God (Shiva), God is Beautiful (Sundaram)

This article though entitled so, is my discovery over the 35 years or more of a ‘Tantra’ or technique to win over any odd situation in life and achieve the boon of Lord Shiva, right here, right now within a very short space of time, in some cases within seven days and in some cases within four months!

This article also represents my passion and longing for the Beauty of God in Truth, the Beauty of Shiva, the Ultimate Truth of Realization, the Most Gracious among the Graceful!

To Him I bow, Who is born of none, Who is God of Gods, Who is giver of boons, Who is the conqueror of death, Who was, is and shall be even after eternity, Who is in me and I in Him. He’s my very own, my Super self!

Allow me to explain this as: though, this viddhi, tantra or technique can be said equivalent or similar to Solah Somvar Vrat, but it is different and unique in itself! And it work wonders in my clients, who adopted it.

Over the years, I have had the honor of sitting on the right lap of Lord Shiva and ask for boons. I have actually seen Lord Shiva standing in front of me on many occasions, blessing me with boons. Because, I used various modified ways of having him appear to me, which I will explain as I go along.

When to start the vrat or fasting? The first Monday after New Moon of any month, especially the month of Phalgun (February/March). This month is known for the Shivratri festival.

How to commence the vrat? Early Monday morning, after your normally cleansings etc. while going to the bath, carry a table spoonful of black till (sesame seeds) in a small plastic pouch or envelope. After you have bathe yourself, in the last rinse, pour this sesame seeds in the bucket of water and stir it well. Now rinse yourself, with this sesame seeds water from head to toe. Then pat dry yourself. Wear clean clothes of your choice.

The making of the sankalp or vow? Now go to your altar or puja place. On your altar, in a plate or thali, have the following: one lota or glass of water with a little Ganges water with a spoon in it; spoonful of unbroken rice; any white flower and money – one paper currency note e.g. $ 1.00 and one twenty five cent coin.

Sit on an Asana or Mat to make the Sankalp: Sit on an Asana (in Lotus position if possible) mat in front of the alter, facing Northern direction. In your right hand, take some grains of rice, a few drops of water, money and flower. Now, meditate upon Lord Ganesh, your spiritual teacher (Guru), all the Gods with the Gayatri mantra (I am sure you know this mantra); meditate upon Devi Parvati (the consort of Lord Shiva) and then finally upon Lord Shiva. Mention your full name, address and the date and time etc. Talk in your mind with Lord Shiva and tell him all your problems, concerns and quest to achieve etc. Talk to him like you are talking with your dear friend, your beloved friend!

Let me share this wonderful experience with you: One of my client (in the year 1993, he was a Carpenter, he lives in Chase Village, Trinidad & Tobago and is a Muslim by religion) once showed me his written Sankalp or vow. It was nearly two pages long with his desires. On the topic of employment, I pointed out why are you asking for employment. How long you wish the employment to be – one month, six months, a year? What is your choice? Why not ask for uninterruptible supply of employment, or uninterruptible supply of new source of money, so that you can create employment for people in the World! Let there be a constant supply so that you and your generations to come do not face any hardships at all! He changed the wordings, accordingly. Today (I met him in 2007 in Trinidad & Tobago) he is employing nearly 80 workers in his construction company). He never faced unemployment in his life again! I do not see, why one cannot ask for what they want! But choose wisely!

Another blissful experience: This couple has been married for eight years and do not have any children. I suggested and guided them in this fasting/vrat. The couple commenced on the auspicious day, time and within two four months fasting the lady got pregnant and gave birth to a male child, who the couple named, Nirvan. This couple is from Felicity, Trinidad & Tobago.

FAQ’s from Ladies: What about during those monthly five days of menstruation, should I stop my fasting/meditation? I will say NO, you need not stop your fasting / vrat, as this is a natural process, be blessed and feel blessed that Nature is taking care of you. Continue with your meditation and fasting/vrat as usual during these five days.

The Sankalpa/Vow: After you have said what you wish or want. Drop all the ingredients through your fingers onto the ground in front. Since you are facing North, you are dropping the Sankalpa on the North East. This direction is called Ishan in Sanskrit. Lord Shiva is said to reside in Ishan direction. Hence, the Sankalp is falling on feet of Lord Shiva. This dropping of the ingredients from you palm through the fingers on the ground begins your fasting and vow! The vow is complete! This is the purpose of your fasting for sixteen Mondays! This is your boon from Lord Shiva.

Important: This is optional, but highly recommended as it brings closeness between Lord Shiva and you. You can also mention in your Sankalpa/vow that at the end of this fasting, on the 17th Monday you will offer a Shivlingam Puja, praising Lord Shiva to come and to reside with you in form of His symbol – the Shivalingam in your home or office and also offer a Havan (fire ritual) with at least 108 or 1008 offerings in to the fire. I have consecrated Shivalingams made of Ice, to Silver, Gold, Crystal, Shaligram up to Parad (made of solidified Mercury) ones.

I have performed more than 1500 Shivlingam Pujas and Havans in my life time so far. This whole Puja takes approximately 5 to 12 hours hours to complete.

In your Sankalpa, you can mention any of your desire. Please be reasonable, do not use harsh words, do not make a vow to subjugate someone, just make a peaceful sankalpa/vow.

After you have dropped the Sankalpa or vow. Sit and meditate on Lord Shiva. Start focusing on your third eye between your eye brows. Chant the mantra “Om Namah Shivaye”. Do not count your chanting. There is no need to count your chanting. Just chant, become the chant! Chant this mantra with no limits. Do not chant that you have to catch a bus to go to work. Just be, sit, focus on your breathing and upon vision on your third eye. Just chant slowly and with total surrender. Take your time to chant. Do not allow outside influence affect your peace. Just be.

Now from this Monday, every day, choose a particular time to sit and meditate for at least 30 minutes or as long as you wish and chant the Shiva mantra. You are not making any sankalpa/vow any more. Until you start the next set of 16 Mondays fasting.

In this Vrat do I have to abstain from eating food once a day? No.

I do not believe in fasting, and suffering one self from food or anything. I believe in feasting! Eat every succulent fruits and vegetables in the world, they are made to be enjoyed to sustain oneself in this world. I am inspired by the words of Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad-Gita, through the mouth of my devotee I accept food. This instance inspired me to feed my beloved Lord Shiva through my mouth. Every time I eat a month or morsel, I say “Om Namah Shivaye Swaha, Idam Shivaye Na Mamma”. In this way, I digest my food faster and my sugar level does not spike up!

You may be wondering what is the meaning of the above sentence, Idam Na Mamma. It means, this is yours, it’s not mine. So every morsel, I surrender to Lord Shiva. I feel the Lord with me everyday, every moment, alive with me! He is me and I am Him, inseparable!

Do I have to abstain from eating meat and alcohol? I personally, will not say anything about this issue. The choice is absolutely yours! However, I would like to give you a story of one’s of Lord Shiva’s devotee from South India – Kannappa Nayanar. Even Swami Sivananda of Divine Life Society talked a great deal about him in his book “Worshipping Lord Shiva”. You can learn more on Kannappa Nayanar from this link in Wikipedia, click here (opens in a new page).

Kannappa Nayanar, a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva has been my inspiration for years (since I read about him). In one of my sixteen Monday fasting, I choose to offer Lord Shiva my own blood instead of water offering. One day, I asked one of my student to take out one lota full of blood from my arm to be offered on to the Shivalingam. While taking out this blood he (my student) fainted. But I carried on taking out my blood filled my lota full and offered to Lord Shiva. I said to my Lord Shiva, I do not wish to offer you any animal blood or animal sacrifice. I will offer you my own blood, as you are my very own beloved Lord Shiva. I bathed the Shivalingam with my blood.

In another instance, I offered 108 Mandaar flowers soaked in my blood in a Havan (fire ritual) to my beloved Lord Shiva. So be inspired!

I do not drink alcohol, however, I have very occasionally drank “Carib” beer, may be ten-twelve beer bottles in 15 years. I have offered Carib beer to my Lord Shiva on the Shivalingam too.

In one of my ritual I offered Puncheon Rum to Lord Shiva in the Havan offerings. Yes, I offered alcohol to my Lord Shiva.

When I consecrated the Parad Shivalingam on my premises (year 1994-95). I did offered 108+ forms of liquid to Lord Shiva. Can you imagine what were those liquids? Here’s the 108+ liquids:

  • Ganges Water;
  • Chandan (Sandalwood) water, both white and red;
  • Agar wood soaked in water;
  • Tagar wood soaked in water;
  • Milk, Yogurt,
  • Ghee,
  • Sugar water,
  • Honey,
  • Panchamrit (mixture of the previous five items);
  • Shudhodhak (mixture of milk and water);
  • Rose water, Kevra water, Spanish Saffron Water;
  • Panchgandha – mixture of five perfumes;
  • Ashtgandha – mixture of eight perfumes;
  • Shodasganda – mixture of sixteen perfumes;
  • Water from twelve different rivers of the island of Trinidad and Tobago;
  • Sea water from the ten directions or angles of the island of Trinidad: e.g. East (residence of Lord Indra or Surya Dev, Sun God), Southeast (residence of Agni Dev / God of Fire or Kartyaveer), South (residence of Lord Yamraj, God of Death or Devi Kalika), Southwest (Residence of Netreteya or Devi Bhuvneshwari), between Southwest and West (Lord Anant), West (residence of Lord Vishnu), Northwest (residence of Lord Vayu God of Wind or Sri Hanuman), North (residence of Lord Kubera, the best friend of Lord Shiva and also Sri Ganesh, God of all obstacle remover), Northeast (residence of Lord Shiva in the form of Eshan and Sri Bhairava) these angles were calculated on the compass to specific degrees;
  • Rain water rain;
  • Water collected on the mountain top;
  • Water collected on the lowest edge of the island of Trinidad;
  • Water collected in the deep jungles that was collected in plant leave or flowers of 12 varieties;
  • Water from the 12 ground pipes (tube well water) this water was pulled up by electric pumps;
  • Water from 12 wells from all over the island of Trinidad, this water was hand drawn with rope and pale;
  • Water from the house of 12 Shiva devotees;
  • Water from 12 houses who are not Shiva devotees;
  • Coconut water;
  • Juice from every seasonal fruit; perhaps they were 12 or 24;
  • Juice from out of season fruits (sold in cans or bottles); there were 8 to 12 different cans;
  • My own tears – tears of joy and of sadness.The amount of water was between one spoonful (tears) to nearly one liter.

Why offer animal blood or sacrifice to God, why not offer yourself.

How Lord Shiva appeared to me: In this simple way, in 1994/95 just around Shiva Ratri festival, I had Lord Shiva appear in front of me and spoke to me. He asked me what I wanted for my Bhakti towards him. I simply said Bhagwan, please accept my Bhakti as it is. Let my actions and deeds do good to all and make the world a better place for all!

In one of my sixteen Monday fasting, I sat in front of my Shivlingam (of pure white shaligram). I vowed to Lord Shiva that from today for sixteen Mondays, I shall offer my tears of joy onto Him instead of water or Ganges water. I used to sit in front of the Shivalingam for a couple of hours reading various scriptures eg. Shiva Manas puja, Shiva Chalisa, Rudra-ashtakam, and many others. I used to offer, water with rice, black sesame seeds etc., with Bael leaves etc., but I decided I will not offer water, I will offer my tears, tears of joy.

To receive the blessings of Lord Shiva for the benefit of Humankind, for knowledge, for whosoever will come to me, will be blessed with his desires, let every word I utter from my mouth be for the benefit of the society etc. I prayed offering my tears, tears of joy with the Mantra Om Namah Shivaye swaha, idam Shivaye na mamma. I had Lord Shiva appeared in front of me and seated me on His right lap. We had hours and hours, conversation about this creation from the beginning to the future yet to come. I saw the churning of the ocean and many events of history.

In one of 16 Mondays, I vowed that every Monday, I shall offer Havan (fire ritual) of ghee from Sunrise to Sunset, without counting my offerings, with the Mantra “Om Namah Shivaye Swaha”. I must have offered more than 20,000 ahutis / offerings of Ghee each Monday. The fire was sustained on cow dung, instead of mango wood. I used 2 lbs of Ghee or clarified butter on each Monday, the spoon was made of Mango leaves.

And finally, the summary of this Vrat/Fasting:

1. On the 1st Monday after New Moon, bathe with one spoonful of Black Sesame seeds. Pat dry and put on clean clothes.

2. Sit on an Asana/Mat (this mat can be a multi colored or red colored woolen blanket, please do not sit on a mat of one flat color e.g. black, blue or brown etc., in a local Dollar store I saw a multi colored door mat 100% wool, I bought one), in front of an altar facing North or Northern Direction. On this altar, keep a plate with a tea spoonful of: unbroken rice, black sesame seeds, money ($ 1.25) and one flower. Next to this plate, have a glass of water with one or two drops of Ganges Water in it and one spoon. This altar can be made in a spare room in your house. It can be made of a coffee table, a box covered with clean cloth. So when you sit in front of this altar, you are facing North direction.

3. Take a pinch of rice, black sesame seeds, $ 1.25 and the flower on your right hand palm, put some of the Ganges water also. Maintain this in your palm.

4. Meditate on Lord Ganesh, Your Guru (spiritual master), All the Gods (by thinking of the Gayatri Mantra), Devi Parvati (the consort of Lord Shiva) and then Lord Shiva. Mentioning your name, parents name, address, the date and time etc.

5. You are making a Sankalpa/Vow, whatever you wish to accomplish and achieve by doing this fasting. Let this Sankalpa/vow be something peaceful. Please do NOT use this to subjugate someone e.g. a woman, man etc., for your sexual gratification etc. I believe in karmic retribution for such an action. So please be peaceful.

6. Talk to Lord Shiva as your best friend and explain every thing in your Sankalpa/vow, just as you speak to your best friend.

7. After you have said all in your Sankalpa/vow drop this on the ground on the North Eastern angle. This Northeastern is called Ishan the abode of Lord Shiva. Therefore, this Sankalpa/vow falls at the feet of Lord Shiva. This completes your Sankalpa/Vow. You need not make this or any other vow again. You only make one Sankalpa/vow in one set of 16 Mondays fasting and that is only on the 1st day.

8. In this sankalpa/vow also mention that you will consecrate a Shivlingam on the 17th Monday, this gesture is to say that my beloved Lord Shiva please reside with me forever, in the form of this Shivlingam for my praying to you purpose and for my salvation. I welcome you in my life, please accept my humble prayers.

9. Sit in a comfortable position e.g. lotus position with your legs crossed, spine is straight, and your breathing is normal. Close your eyes, focus on your third eye or between your eyebrows. Breathe normal and chant the mantra “Om Namaha Shivaye”. Chant for 30 minutes at least. This chanting to be silently in your mind and not audible. I do not want you to chant in such a way so loud to wake your neighbors. Please be peaceful.

10. After you have chanted the mantra, offer it to Lord Shiva on the altar, like you are offering flowers to Him. Ask for forgiveness. Ask Him to accept your humble prayers. Enjoy the peace.

11. Conclusion: take a drop or two of water (from the glass with Ganges water) with the spoon, and drop it underneath the asana/mat. Touching this drop of water with your right hand ring finger, put a dot or tilak of this water on your forehead or between your eye brows. This gesture is to make sure no one snatches away your devotion, you just did. Read about this at the end of this page, below.

12. From now on, every day, sit in front of this altar, just have a glass of water with a drop of Ganges water with a spoon in it. You will be using this water for putting underneath the asana/mat, purpose only.

13. You need not bathe with Black Sesame Seeds anymore. You need not make any more Sankalpa/vow. Sankalpa/vow is only made once, in the beginning for one set of 16 Mondays fasting.

14. Take out time every day for 16 weeks, one fixed time, if it’s 7am then it’s 7am every day. If it’s 10 am then it’s 10 am every day. Chant the mantra, “Om Namaha Shivaye” focused on your eyebrow. Make this as a routine. A way of life for 16 weeks.

16. Enjoy and Celebrate your achievements for I have seen changes within one week!

17. During this period of time, you can eat everything, as you would normally do. I am not asking to abstain from food, salt, sex or whatever. Enjoy life peacefully!

18. FAQ: What to do with the $ 1.25, rice, sesame seeds and the flower you used on the 1st day? Keep all this on a plate on the altar and leave it there. After you have done your 17th Monday, deposit this in your bank account.

If you need any further clarification or inspiration, please contact me. See details at the end of this page.

How to do Shivlingam Puja on the 16th or 17th Monday to complete your fasting/vrat or do Vrat Uddyaapana?

Here’s a very simple version of Shivlingam Puja in English:

Simpmle Shivlingam Puja in English
Simpmle Shivlingam Puja in English

Here’s the detailed Shivlingam Puja in English and Sanskrit:

Detailed Shivlingam Puja in English and Sanskrit
Detailed Shivlingam Puja in English and Sanskrit in PDF

Which Shivlingam Puja should I do?

Whatever method Puja ingredients, time and facility are available to you, just do that one. Remember love in the puja matters and not necessarily how you do the puja! Be Blessed! Welcome to the sanctuary of Lord Shiva!

What are the auspicious date to start this 16 Monday Vrat?

The following table will assist you to understand this timing, remember the formula is the 1st Monday after New Moon, simple!

Monday, April, 15 2024Monday, October, 07 2024
Monday, May, 13 2024Monday, November, 04 2024
Monday, June, 10 2024Monday, December, 02 2024
Monday, July, 08 2024Monday, January, 06 2025
Monday, August, 05 2024Monday, February, 03 2025
Monday, September, 09 2024Monday, March, 03 2025

How to make sure your Bhakti / Devotion benefit or fruit is not snatched away by anyone: This is a secret which I would like to reveal to you, my dear friend. What is this?

I am sure, you must have heard of Lord Indra. He is always worried that someone will take over his kingdom of Heaven and ousted him, which happened many times before. Once demon Kamsa, the uncle of Lord Krishna, ousted him and ruled the heaven for ages.

Once, in the heavens, Lord Indra, was sitting on his throne, worrying, that Narada Muni happened to pass by. Seeing Lord Indra in such a state of mind, he asked what is the cause of His worry as he is the king of Gods, he should not have any reason for worries.

Lord Indra revealed his state of mind, upon this Narada Muni encouraged Lord Indra to worship to Lord Shiva with this 16 Mondays fasting and initiated him with the Mantra “Om Namah Shivaye”.

Lord Indra worshipped Lord Shiva. Pleased with his devotion Lord Shiva appeared and ask Lord Indra to ask for a boon. Lord Indra asked, that let he be blessed to snatch everyone’s fruit of bhakti/devotion, because he fear that someone will take over his Kingdom by winning a boon from any God.

Lord Shiva persuaded him to ask for something else, because not everyone is seeking to ousted Lord Indra. Upon his (Lord Indra’s) persistence Lord Shiva and he came upon an agreement, that if anyone, in eternity is sitting doing any devotion, it be Japa, Tarpan, Marjan, Homa/Havan, Shradha or any rites, if the person stands up from his asana/mat and leave. Then the fruit or benefit of that ritual or undertaking will go to Lord Indra.

But if the person or devotee puts a drop or two of water underneath the asana/mat and touch this water, with his ring finger puts a tilak or puts a dot of that water on his forehead or between the eyebrows, the benefit or fruit of that particular ritual, sadhana or devotion will remain with the devotee. Lord Indra will not be able to snatch the fruit of that devotion.

This simple act keeps the fruit of your devotion with you! No one can snatch the benefit from you, not even Lord Indra.

That’s why many a times, I have been asked why is that one is praying to God for so long with no benefit or fruit of that devotion. Why God is not listening? Well, when I explain the above story to them, it raises their eyebrows. When they adopt this simple act, they start seeing results! The benefit or fruit of their devotion remain with them, forever!

I give this secret to you, my friend.

Disclaimer: Provided for educational and informational purpose only. I do not discourage nor encourage anyone in doing this fasting / vrat. If you are inspired by this article, good for you and that is your personal choice. I do not provide any kind of support you may expect. If you have a question, please contact your local pundit / priest for any guidance.  I am not responsible for any issue you may experience or may not experience in doing this fasting / vrat. Thank you for your kind understanding.

Swami Veet Chintan