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Here are some written testimonials of clients from all over the world…

Deborah R. Singh, Trinidad, West Indies

Dear Swamiji,
Let me inform you that when I was ordering the Vedic Talisman product # 17, to clear up debts, I was a skeptic, now I can inform you that within 8 months after I received it, I got rid of my debt of TT $890,000. Wow, what a relief! I did not win a lotto or lottery, Swamiji, how do you do this…??? Amazing!

Surindernath Ramdass, Arima, Trinidad, West Indies

I have Known T’Zorba for the past 7 years. His services are unbelievable. I have tried his Vedic Astrological readings regularly and found it to be amazing. His knowledge in the field goes beyond the stars. Try it and you won’t regret.

Richard Smith, Tunapuna, Trinidad, West Indies

The website design is very attractive and this led me to explore it further. I realized I stumbled upon the fascinating subject of Vedic Astrology and the world of aura enhancing products. I must admit that I was very skeptical about purchasing from but I was relieved when the package arrived just four days after ordering a Natal Chart and Talisman. I am presently experiencing 95% accuracy from my natal reading. I read it everyday and I recommended it to my two best friends. They told me that they find their readings to be 100% accurate. Thank You for helping me to make intelligent decisions in my life. is my vote for best website of the year 2000!

Indra Pillai, Trinidad, West Indies

T’Zorbaji, You have been the source of inspiration in my life. My existence is now one of quality. Never before have I experienced such selfless love. The words “thank you” are not sufficient to express my gratitude. YOU ARE THE UNIVERSE…

Saheed Mohammed, S + Z Auto Clinic, Edinburgh, Trinidad, West Indies

Dear T’Zorba, My family and I have known you for more than ten years. Every year I have a Vedic Astrological Reading by you and every time great insights are revealed by you of my life. Amazing! I think I may have done the most Tarot Cards reading with you, each and every reading is recorded on audio tape and with Awe! I will say you are always accurate in revealing the answers to my questions. I like your sentence, “I do not have answers to your questions, I only have opinions!” I am grateful for the Talisman you made for my business, I can declare, it is working wonderfully! Now that I am migrating to New York, I will keep in touch, and certainly let people there know about you in Trinidad. Anytime you come to New York, please accept my humble request, please stay at my place during your visit. I know you are always a phone call away, if ever I need your guidance and for those quick jokes you make very often. I am happy to have met you my Friend, Love always, Saheed Moh’d

Devi Brooks, Oakville, Ontario, Canada

It’s great starting my day by reading my daily Horoscope by T’Zorba. Thank you Swamiji !

Kris Mandal, New York, USA

Dear Sir, I have received the shipment. Thank you. Everything is very beautiful. Hopefully the talismans will work. I will surely order again in the coming months. Kris

Rajendranath Maharaj, Penal, Trinidad, West Indies

I have found the Vedic Astrological readings of Swami Veet Chintan to be very accurate. Many of his predictions about my life has come to pass. Those that did not pass me as yet are still to come. The good thing about all his predictions is once you know about what is going to happen or affect you in a negative way, you have the ability to change it for the better. I would recommend his readings for anyone seeking betterment or just want to know what’s happening or going to happen in their life.

Phil (Bobby), Pembroke Pine, Miami, FL, USA

Hey Zorb, Whazz-up? Que Pasa! Just dropping a little note – I just visited the websites you designed – and Great work! Well I hope to see you in Miami and then may be we can buy that computer we discussed. Say Hello to the new vice principle. You know how that goes – Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, or shall I say Bahut Kuch Hota Hai

Laura Rampartap, New York, NY, USA

Great work T’Zorba! I hope you really make the billions! Good luck. You’ve created a really interesting and eye catching website. Congratulations! Love,

Kavita Dookharan, Westham, London, UK

I enjoy getting to read my horoscope everyday, just keep on being creative. Wonderful, Keep up the good work. Love Always, Kavita

Byron Mitchell, California, USA

Great site. Sincerely, Byron Mitchell

Alisha Ramlochan, Trinidad, West Indies

Hello, Your site is really good. I enjoy reading the daily horoscope. The FAQ section is excellent. Keep up the good work. I will definitely introduce my friends to this site. Take care,

Freddie Ramlochan, Pepper Village, Fyzabad, Trinidad, West Indies

The most interesting religious / spiritual website. The volume of data and it’s accuracy is excellent. I have recommended this site to all my friends.

Jude Mootoo, BP-Amoco, Port of Spain Trinidad, West Indies

Hi T’Zorba, This Is An Excellent Site!

Michelle Ramnarine, San Fernando, Trinidad, West Indies

Hi T’Zorba, I must say that the website is great. You have all the good stuff in here. Good Luck!! Love

Karen Boesen, ISBA President, Denmark

Thank you very much for your interest in The International Society of Business Astrologers. We would be delighted to welcome you as a member of our society. Yours sincerely,

S. Singh, Trinidad, West Indies

Dear T’Zorbaji, Thank you for bringing my life on track. I am very obligated for that.

R. Maharaj, Trinidad, West Indies

Dear Swami, This is a small note to thank you for the Vedic Astrological Report I ordered. My friends and family and those that know me best were startled by your insights into me and my life. You just know how to do it. Thanks,

M. Ramrattan, New York, NY, USA

Dear Swamiji, I keep a copy of the Vedic Astrological analysis at home and also at work so that I can refer to it all the time. I have acted on most of your suggestions and will act on the others as I can. What more can I say, excellent !

Margaret A, London, UK

Dear Swami, Your analysis about me and how I feel was a big surprise for me. I never thought that somebody could look deep into my inner self and explain what was happening there.

Sylvia Maraj, Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies

Dear Swami, It is all true and things I did not want to see in me you made me understand. I am very happy now and I thank you so much, Best wishes,

Anjie Ramsarran, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dear Swami Veet Chintan, Thank you very much for your advice. It is very helpful.

Mark Hammer Smith, London, UK

Dear Swamiji, I was delighted to receive your analysis this morning – thank you. It was intensely interesting to read in the sun out on the deck in my backyard. It was about 95% accurate. And all aspects of it were genuinely truthful, inspired and intuitive, You have a great talent. I appreciate all you have done.

Mitra Rampersad, Austin, Texas, USA

Dear Swami Veet, I am now much more aware of myself, my problems, and my future. What I have gained from my communication with you, is the vital element – Confidence.

Minnie Johnson, New York, NY, USA

Dear Swami Veet Chintan, I feel I am ready for all the twists & turns ahead. As according to your analogy – I have bought my raincoat, for the journey I have to make in the rain. Thanks for the insight, I see it’s around the corner. Love.