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Osho On Astrology

Osho on Astrology

Osho, one of the great spiritual minds of our time, discusses the essential nature of astrology. Astrology, the Science of Cosmic Oneness, dates back in one form or another thousands of years to the earliest known civilizations. The article, in two parts, examines the true spiritual meaning of astrology and the profound underpinnings of this marvelous science.

Osho born December 11, 1931, in Kuchwadar, Madhya Pradesh, Osho is a contemporary Indian mystic and philosopher. One of the great spiritual minds of our time, he is renowned for his penetrating understanding of the nature of life, modern Western society and spiritual disciplines of all kinds.

Osho became enlightened on March 21, 1953 at the age of twenty-one.

Between 1957 and 1966 he was a University Professor and prize-winning public speaker. From 1958 he left the University and began the devotion of his life to the raising of human consciousness. His revolutionary talks and meditation camps drew crowds of thousands everywhere in India. He brought his teachings to the West and developed a devoted following among Westerners as well.

Osho suffered persecution and imprisonment, but survived to return to India and revitalize his following and ashram. He departed this life in Pune, India on January 19, 1990, probably as a result of thallium poisoning while in custody in Oklahoma in 1985.

Osho published many books, talks and videotapes, which are widely available and can also be purchased on line at

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